Meet WebDevKev

KevinWebDevKev (that’s me!) is an experienced, full-time corporate web developer that helps small companies make the best of their web presence. I’ve been making websites since before it was cool. Seriously, since the mid-90s. You know, when our President played the sax and “Google” was just a misspelled mathematical term.

At the time, I was into fixing computers; tearing them apart, rebuilding them, making them from scratch, etc. I got really good at solving software problems but never really considered myself a programmer. After many years in the computer repair business, I decided a change was in order and began concentrating on my long-time hobby of web design.

These days, I enjoy my day job so much that I continue finding web development projects while at home. I prefer to code in WordPress or straight PHP/MySQL, but I’ve worked with many other platforms as well. And, of course, I love to do “web rehab” work by fixing, updating, or redesigning existing sites.

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